High-performance studio microphones built in the UK

Urban lungs

We worked with artists Loop.pH to support the delivery and installation of their VelO2 installation on the Dadaocheng Waterfront in Taipei.

Loop.pH describe themselves as a spatial laboratory experimenting across the fields of design, architecture and the sciences.

Vel02 is a spectacular installation of light that celebrates the link between active and healthy cities, launched in Taipei in 2016. It consists of an undulating pump track for cyclists to ride along surrounded by an immersive LED light display.

Air quality visualised

Fleeting trails of light are created as participants physically interact with the installation through cycling at speed. The light visually communicates local air quality with dynamic branching structures reminiscent of trees and the tubular networks in our lungs. The installation uses an air quality sensor to collect the fluctuating live data on six pollutants and three particle sizes.

It then translated the live data from the sensor into seven different breathing rhythms and colours of light, passing from green to a dark red for dangerous levels of pollutants, creating a kind of warning system based on the international standard Air Quality Index.

Air in motion

VelO2 draws on the field of aerodynamics, the study of air in motion, to communicate the dynamic and borderless nature of our planet’s fragile atmosphere.

On top of the tree like structure is a network of ephemeral tunnels that move gently with the breeze.Visitors to the installation are provided with bikes to try out the tracks as we hoped that encouraging citizens to take up cycling in a fun and social environment could help Taiwan tackle its air pollution issues.

Making the complex simple

Mule helped develop and optimise the design, and worked on site with Loop.pH to install and deliver this project and were able to quickly apply reliable computational design solutions to unexpected and unique challenges as they arose.

If you are an artist or designer working on a project with a complex geometry problem and seeking an efficient solution, get in contact - we would love to help.

Client: Shin Kong Life
Artists: Loop.pH
Location: Taipei, Taiwan