Trada pavilion

High-performance studio microphones built in the UK

Plywood shell

Mule Director, Harri Lewis was the project engineer for a temporary structure designed for the Timber Research and Development Agency’s (TRADA) use as an exhibition display focal point.

Although the structure was designed using very sophisticated techniques, the final result is a beautifully simple structure of plywood and hinges.

Bespoke software

The shell is discretised into a planar three-valence mesh using an innovative algorithm, thereby allowing the free form surface to be constructed with flat panels. These panels are connected with standard hinges and the structure works as fully pinned structure with no bending capacity between the panels.

Using flat panels and standard hinges rather than curved panels and bespoke connections drastically reduced the cost of the project and significantly simplified fabrication and installation.


The build was carried out on site by a small group from TRADA and Ramboll and the structure is now based at Nottingham University’s Engineering department and used as a case study for investigating structural performance.

Harri Lewis was the Project Engineer for the pavilion whilst working at Ramboll UK.

If you are interested in our combining our spatial and computational design skills to create an experimental structure, we’d love to hear from you.