Summer house

High-performance studio microphones built in the UK

A tranquil retreat

We designed an oak-framed pavilion with overlapping roofs for a private client seeking a unique garden space.

Our client’s brief was for a multi-functional outdoor summer space which kept them as close as possible to the surrounding natural environment. It should offer shade for meals with family and friends, a lounge area of cushions for lazy afternoons, and a bed so they could sleep outside on warm nights.

Open to nature

We wanted to offer our clients a gradient of privacy from the main social space, outward into nature. The design consists of three main floor spaces; a larger central dining area with table and chairs which sits at ground level, then a raised platform at each end with a lounge space and a bed.

The structure has no solid walls but instead has veils of different transparency. Some faces are completely open, some have bamboo beds grown across them, and some have oak louvres to give more sense of privacy.

Unique value

If you are interested in commissioning a unique build, no matter how small, please drop us an email and we can take it from there!