High-performance studio microphones built in the UK

Wrap around isolation

Halo is a revolutionary and multi-award winning reflection filter designed by us for Aston Microphones.

Reflection filters prevent unwanted background sounds from reaching the microphone to keep your recording clean and isolated from the rest of the room. They are particularly great when recording in acoustic conditions that are not ideal. This is increasinly the case as more music produced at home rather than in professional studios.

Halo wraps around all sides of the mic in a three dimensional shell to completely isolate it from sound reflections from the room, floor and ceiling.

Advanced sustainable materials

Halo is made entirely from recycled PET felt. This is a soft, tactile material made from recycled plastic bottles. Bottles are shredded into extremely fine stands like hairs, and these strands are pressed together to form a non-woven fabric.

Unlike conventional felt, PET felt can be thermoformed to create strong 3D shapes. The felt is heated up to near melting point to soften the plastic, and is then formed inside a high pressue mold. The result is a strong and durable form that needs no additional structure.