Egg 100 / 150

High-performance studio microphones built in the UK

Listen outside the box

We designed and fabricated the award winning Egg speaker for Munro Acoustics, an industry-leading acoustic design consultancy.

The Eggs are near-field studio monitors and are available in two sizes. They are fully active and come with a custom designed Class A amplifier.

They are finished with soft-touch rubberised paint, and a wonderfully simple rubber stand that gives total positioning flexibility and exceptional isolation.

Exceptional clarity

The egg shape of the speakers came from Munro Acoustics unparalleled knowledge and experience in high end audio:

'The seamless curved design provides a scientifically proven, curved enclosure that virtually eliminates diffraction and resonant effects that distort and smear the original sound. The result is a stunning clarity that brings the smallest details into focus and yet delivers the entire mix as a coherent whole.’

They are used by artists and producers at the highest levels including Stevie Wonder and producer Rik Simpson (Jay Z/ Kasabian/ Coldplay).

Our pleasure Sam!

Sam Craggs, Producer and engineer at the Foundry Studios says:

'I can't imagine life without my Egg 150 system. They are like nothing else I've ever heard, and blow my mind on a daily basis. There is a very good reason these have started winning awards, they are simply that good. I would vote these product of the decade if it were possible. I want to congratulate and thank everyone invloved in bringing these speakers into existence.'

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