CLOAK watches

High-performance studio microphones built in the UK

Changing time

Our Cloak Watch range is the result of a self initiated project exploring time, function, interchangeability and expressive natural materials.

The Cloak system divides the watch into building blocks - face, bezel and strap - all of which can be swapped out in seconds with the possibility of making thousands of material combinations.

Each watch face is completely unique - we source ethically extracted stones from around the world and slice one of a kind sections with precision diamond cutting tools in our workshop.

Natural beauty

The natural crystals and minerals in the stones contain rich geological visual histories with timelines spanning up to 4.5billion years ago. Built of structures that were once living plants and creatures, it really gives you a feeling of the vast timescales of life on Earth.

This broad sense of time is something we wanted to translate into the reading of the watch itself. We developed a single hand system with dashes for the hours and dots for the 15 minute intervals between, making time mindful and easy to read.