Cheryl's light

High-performance studio microphones built in the UK

In memory of Cheryl

We were invited to work on a project, commissioned by advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy and led by Hellicar & Lewis, to create an interactive memorial sculpture for beloved employee Cheryl Rogers. Cheryl had a vibrant and glowing personality and her favourite song was Movin on Up - Primal Scream’s legendary anthem.

The audio track became a starting point for the design. We mapped the soundwave onto a spiral, echoing the structure of a vinyl record. We then programmed a CNC machine to follow this spiral, carving an undulating wave around the black walnut surface.

Dichroic lenses

Once complete, the carved timber was placed within a wooden frame containing seven hidden lights with motorised dichroic glass prisms in front of them. The motors were linked to a motion sensing camera, causing them to spin when anyone walks past, creating a soft and gentle presence. The finished memorial is now hung in the Wieden & Kennedy entrance lobby.

This was a really meaningful project to work on and we enjoyed creating something special and emotive for our client. We can respond to a wide range of briefs, please do get in touch if there's anything you’d like to discuss.

Client - Wieden & Kennedy
Project lead - Hellicar & Lewis
Generative Software / Physical Design / Fabrication - Mule Studio
Electronics - Powers of Two